CCM Tack Youth Gloves

CCM Tack Youth Gloves

Supplier: CCM

The CCM Tacks youth gloves offer elite protection for the little players of the game. The pro selected polyester shell of the gloves reduce the overall weight of the product but maintain excellent durability. A Soft Rima III palm runs along the inside and offers an alternate ‘blacked out’ look for the glove. The Rima III palms are a very durable and comfortable material. As well, stretch nylon gussets finish the fingers to promote better mobility and easier closure of the glove. Protection-wise, the Tacks Youth gloves line the back of the hand and the fingers with a PE foam to reduce all impacts felt. The side of the pinky finger also features small layers of this foam to provide protection at all angles.

CCM Tack Youth Gloves - 8" Black/White
Price: $65.00

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