CCM RibCor 48K Grip Senior Hockey Stick

CCM RibCor 48K Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Supplier: CCM

CCMs RIBCOR series of sticks has long been known for explosive shots, and the RIBCOR 48K Grip Composite Stick continues that tradition. Second in line to the RIBCOR Reckoner, the RIBCOR 48K features upper-echelon technology that will compete with the best sticks on the market. It all starts with the power taper. A power taper ratio of 3:1 means more vertical stiffness and less energy wasted down into the ice; more energy is transferred through to the blade. Basically, every ounce of strength you put into your shot will go into the loading of the stick. Its SXX2 Blade is stiff in the heel and extra stiff in the toe, helping to get that puck off quickly. This helps you have an improved puck feel and keeps the blade honest on every shot. The PopMatrix construction iss designed to bring this unique technology to the next level. By changing the design, CCM maximized the performance of the carbon fibres. The performance fibers that are in the rib are protected by the outer layers and are constantly in tension for quick and efficient loading. Its low kick point will help the stick load very easily for that quick and surprising release.

CCM RibCor 48K Grip Senior Hockey Stick - P38 Right Flex 105
Was: $299.99 Now: $210.00

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