CCM RibCor 47K Grip Hockey Sticks Jr

Supplier: CCM

The CCM RibCor 47K Grip Stick offers some of the best value for the price. For the first time ever at this price point, CCM gave this RibCor stick their premium Pop Matrix technology and the former top of the line Ascent blade core. Pop Matrix can be found in the lower third of the shaft and looks like a large indention on both the forehand and backhand of the stick. This unique design forces the carbon fibres within this region to be permanently in tension for a lightning quick release. While the fibres in tension speed up the loading process, the more exposed outer corners protect the internal performance fibres. The Ascent blade core also debuted in the previous top of the line Reckoner. This lightweight yet responsive design helped CCM reduce the weight of the RibCor 47K by 20 grams. Level of Player Guideline: Performance, Construction: Fused one-piece, Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners, Straight Sidewalls. Flex Point: Low Kick.

CCM RibCor 47K Grip Hockey Sticks Jr - P38 Right Flex 40
Was: $240.00 Now: $140.00

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