CCM Ribcor 26K Senior/Intermediate Hockey Stick

CCM Ribcor 26K Senior/Intermediate Hockey Stick

Supplier: CCM

The focus of the RIBCOR line was to have a stick that is easier to load and more efficient at generating power for your shot. They feature a low-mid kick point, which helps to get a quick release no matter what kind of shot you take. Despite having a slightly higher fiberglass content than the 28K, the RIBCOR 26K is still very well-balanced and is among the lightest sticks in this opening price point class. CCM uses a combination of fiberglass and high modulus carbon fiber for this stick. The orientation of these fibers creates the High Power Taper Ratio, which means that it has a stiffer top and bottom in relation to the front and back of the shaft, resulting in less twisting on shots and more direct power transfer. The senior shaft uses a Traditional geometry with square-corners, while the intermediate and junior uses a more contoured geometry with rounded corners for a better fit in smaller hands. Although the RIBCOR 26K does not have the visible rib construction in the taper, it does still have easy to load technology. What does that mean? Well, during testing of the RIBCOR stick, CCM noticed a unique stiffness profile caused by the fibers being in tension. They created that same stiffness profile in the RIBCOR 28K, making it ""easy to load. Similar to that of the top of the line RIBCOR 40K, the RIBCOR 26K features CCMs SXX blade design. Internal reinforcements run along the length of the blade acting as bridges to provide a stiff feel throughout that gain even more rigidity at the toe. CCM has gone a step further by angling these reinforcements upward at the toe for an even stiffer toe than before, which helps keep the blade square to the target. For an opening price point stick with a stiff blade and an easy to load shaft, the RIBCOR 26K from CCM is definitely worth your consideration.

CCM Ribcor 26K Senior/Intermediate Hockey Stick - Pattern 38 Right Flex 75
Was: $169.00 Now: $100.00

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