STX Stallion 500 Yth Hockey Stick

STX Stallion 500 Yth Hockey Stick

Supplier: STX

Weve already seen it happen with hockey and golf, so it was known at some point the likes of hockey and lacrosse were going to cross paths. What better company to cross paths with hockey than the top of the lacrosse market, STX. Introducing the Stallion 500 Composite Stick by STX---now the technology from a lacrosse stick expert is built right into your hockey stick. Enjoy the beautifully engineered shot profile, balance, and durability of a lacrosse-inspired stick. The Stallion 500 has a constant-flex profile that allows you to fully maximize your energy transfer to the puck. The stick loads energy as you crank up the power to hammer home the one-timers and heavy slap shots. STX sticks have the highest balance point in the market. By engineering the stick to have the balance point as far as possible up the shaft, STX has created a better feeling hockey stick, without sacrificing weight or durability. A stiffer blade results in more power transfer to your shots. The Stallion 500 blade, with dual rib technology, is engineered with increased stiffness to maximize velocity, giving your game a major power boost.

STX Stallion 500 Yth Hockey Stick - X92 Left Flex 40
Was: $145.00 Now: $110.00

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